You might want to draw this new panel on a piece of paper

You might want to draw this new panel on a piece of paper

Utilising the Teleport Groups: Getting from area to area in the tower requires the use of a teleport circle and a wall panel with buttons. All of the symbols are easy to draw and it should only take you a couple minutes to do.

The offer let me reveal that the Pcs would like to get new hourglass secret away from Jorgen Pawl. That may simply take hem on cell height, in which Iskander are (spoiler aware: They are deceased and his cover up turns out to be a phony. Not chill.)

Cosmic Hallway: Read up on this one carefully, as your PCs will likely love it and experiment with it quite a bit. It is a very cool area.

Taraz this new Reasonable: This fire genie is tricky to run. He just wants to be free. PCs may haggle for wishes. You may want to invoke the clause that all fire genie wishes later come under review from the Grand Caliph of the City of Brass as a way for Taraz to help the PCs understand why he can’t just throw around wishes willy-nilly.

It’s also possible to expand for the thought of Taraz to try out chess, also. My personal Pcs was some wanting to play him inside chess (and even assist your profit). It seemed to for instance the proven fact that Taraz wanted to profit a chess game to get totally free, so perhaps you you’ll do something with this.

Capable contact the key to the brand new hourglass button towards committee

The fresh Go back away from Lennithon: When the PCs finish the tower, they see the blue dragon from Hoard episode 1 attacking the village. He wants the blue dragon mask. Remember that discovering that the mask is a fake will take a while, so the PCs shouldn’t know it isn’t real.

Which chapter are ridiculously quick. Basically, the new heroes wade indeed there, possess a dessert, has an initial conference, and you can go to bed. Once they don’t forget, they’d a dream they certainly were interrogated from the red-colored wizards. Keep in mind that it doesn’t run elves. The majority of my class is actually elves, so it was very witty.

Some of the Personal computers keeps hopes and dreams that they can perhaps not think about (it’s a difficult rescue which have downside)

This is a good Area for Pointers: I used this episode to give the PCs details on Severin, the big bad guy running the Cult of the Dragon. You might also want to detail the blue wyrmspeaker Galvan if you decide to use him, as he has links to the Red Wizards. They can also provide piles of details on Rath Modar if he is still running around in your game. Basically, Rath is trying to buddy up to Tiamat in the hopes that she’ll overthrow Szass Tam and install him as the new leader of the Red Wizards.

  • Rian Nightshade, brand new Zhentarim, pulls the newest Personal computers out and you will tries to obtain the hourglass secret regarding Xonthal’s Tower. She has the benefit of currency.
  • Others groups inquire about the primary quickly after that. This new Personal computers arrive at decide what to do with they, if the something.
  • New heroes can share with the council if they’ve got made a keen alliance on Red Wizards.
  • And today it is the right time to tally up your council scorecard! It’s fairly very easy to rating most of the factions to register in the combat brand new cult. Here are some webpage 86 to have a rundown of your own factions and you may what they offer.

This episode facts Tiamat’s Temple in addition to Better from Dragons. The majority of which event facts providing from the caldera to help you the fresh new temple as a massive battle rages. The newest cell, i do believe, is really mundane. There are numerous matches having dragonsouls and you will guard drakes.

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